New digital project for Vogue Eyewear

The new Style Miles platform for registering to take part in the famous eyewear brand's competition

Vogue Eyewear has launched the Vogue Eyewear Style Miles digital platform.
Strongly linked to the new Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign that features Kate Moss for the second year in succession, the project involves visitors to who will receive a digital "passport" when they register.


By interacting with, taking part in events or following Vogue Eyewear on Facebook and Twitter, users can accumulate "points", climb the classification by competing with friends, and earn virtual "badges" to demonstrate that they are real trendsetters.


When registering with the platform, users can simultaneously register for the Vogue Eyewear 2012 competition and take part in the draw for a fantastic trip to Paris and many other great prizes.


In Italy, the online contest is combined with a country-wide action: a ten-stage tour of the peninsula with two days in each location for an experience that could see participants becoming the main players. Consumers will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Vogue Eyewear where stylists Enzo Miccio and Carla Gozzi of "Ma come ti vesti?" (what are you wearing?) will give advice about style and find the perfect accessory for improving a look based on individual personalities.


To complete the perfect style, Vogue Eyewear is obviously a must! The guests of the evening will be photographed by a professional fashion photographer on a special set and the shots will be published in the Vogue-Eyewear page on Facebook. At the entrance, guests will be given a bracelet with a microchip so that they can check-in on the Vogue Eyewear Style Miles platform and earn points or register to activate their Vogue Eyewear Style Miles passport.