New Diesel eyewear video: pure Italian pedigree

The players, this time of the four-legged variety, in a spoof of cult movies and some of their stereotypes

An atmosphere reminiscent of Hollywood in the Fifties, soft lights, the soundtrack from Major Tom and unusual actors were the elements of this original set.


In the new Diesel eyewear video dedicated to the line of eyewear in the S/S 2012 collection produced and distributed worldwide by Marcolin, the main players have four legs: a poodle, an Afghan hound, a mutt and a Doberman in a spoof of cult movies and some of their stereotypes: the diva, the hippy, a guy on the road, and the macho.


The stereotypes are represented by the mysterious Stealing Bullet, Love Bug the libertine, Flirtini the fashionista and brawny Bad Max, the movie's supporting cast and the iconic models in the collection.
It is the customary irreverent communication choice that is part of Diesel's world: courageous, rock, iconic, pure DNA. All the elements for a successful life!