New commercial organization for Rodenstock

The company presents itself to opticians as a reliable benchmark

Rodenstock is dealing with the current market situation by making important investments in products, high-tech tools and innovative, customized services that will give partner opticians a complete vision system.


Rodenstock is presenting itself to opticians as a reliable benchmark, an aspect that has been confirmed by significant financial statements results: the company in Italy closed 2011 with two-figure growth, clearly against the current trend in the optical market where Rodenstock is constantly growing and has increased its share.

To increase and consolidate these excellent results and strengthen its ability to plan and coordinate sales actions, Rodenstock has set up a new integrated commercial organization based on coordinating the sales forces for lenses and frames. The two forces will remain separate but will work increasingly in synergy with the aim of achieving efficient, effective and unequivocal management that translates into more services for each and every customer.


Because of the growing importance attached to the values of partner-oriented service, efficiency and effectiveness, Rodenstock has appointed Nicoletta Quinziato, Area Manager since 2007, as Gruppi Italia Key Account.


The new organization is a demonstration of the steadfast desire to develop important integrated projects for lenses, machinery and frames.
The new Rodenstock Italia structure is in line with Rodenstock Group's philosophy and strategy and will allow the company to be the only player on the market that can offer a complete vision service composed of the best lenses available and superior quality frames: "Rodenstock. See better. Look perfect."


During 2012 Rodenstock will continue to add new products, proposals and solutions and these will be presented at MIDO (March 11 through 13). At its large stand Rodenstock's new dimension can be tested as part of the new complete vision system, where sight becomes a unique experience.