Moverio Bt-200, Epson’s new hi-tech glasses are a reality

Arriving in May with numerous new developments, the new devices wink at business users

While awaiting the debut of Google Glass on the market, Epson has presented the latest product in the wearable technology arena: the Moverio Bt-200 visor. This second version of Epson's intelligent eyewear will be on the market in May at a cost 699 euros.


Lighter than its predecessor (only 88 grams) and with various consumer functions – navigating, playing with apps, watching movies also in 3D, or translating texts directly from the eyewear lenses – the device seems to be more business oriented: the pocketsize control unit with trackpad touch was designed for increased battery life (6 hours) and easier control of the device, even to the detriment of esthetics.


With a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory (expandable to another 32 GB), the Moverio Bt-200 could provide good support for managing press conferences or for fully exploiting the potential of augmented reality.


Epson's Moverio devices are already used in some UCI Cinemas (Milan, Rome and Florence) for displaying subtitles. For foreigners and Italians who want to see a foreign language film, a Moverio can be provided free of charge – where available – before entering the theater.