Maui Jim celebrates Mother’s Day with Lilikoi and Lani

Two new models created to make a special person's day even more brilliant

A special feature of Maui Jim is that the smallest, most subtle nuances in the world that surrounds us are immediately appreciated because of the technological advances in lens materials. Colors are brighter, more real, more luminous with lenses that remove reflections and leave only splendor before your eyes.


Splendor for celebrating a person who is really special and important to everyone on a day in May totally dedicated to her: your mom! So why not make her a gift of a sensory experience that is only possible with Maui Jim: the gift of "seeing the world more sharply and brilliantly".


Mother's Day coincides with the changing season and the approach of the warm, sunny days of summer, so what better time to choose a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses!


Maui Jim proposes two models for moms: LILIKOI is suitable for all lifestyles and features a rounded oval shape that is slightly reminiscent of the past, but revisited in a modern key thanks to one of the season's latest COLOR trends - mauve. If she loves classic and always impeccable black, there's LANI, a feminine square frame in two-color acetate in the polished black variant. Both models solve the problem of glare from sunlight thanks to the patented PolarizedPlus2® technology that gives superior protection from UV rays and reflections; they have a bi-shaded mirrored coating that eliminates 99.9% of reflections and blocks 100% of harmful UV rays. The characteristic advantage of PolarizedPlus2 lenses is that they make colors vibrant and strong, which is also thanks to the use of rare earths. In a neutral gray color, the lens gives maximum light attenuation in bright and direct sunshine.