Marchon: also optimistic about 2014

Sales expected to grow to $ 850 million

Marchon Eyewear – the third largest operator in the global eyewear industry and part of VSP Global®, a group made up of leading companies in the various segments of the optical industry – was at the 44th edition of Mido with a stronger global positioning and a well-balanced offer with strong diversification in various segments – from luxury to fashion, from sport to lifestyle.


Thanks to a highly distinctive brand portfolio, extensive leadership and geographical coverage, Marchon expects that sales from frames and sunglasses will reach $ 850 million in 2014. This figure will take VSP Global's turnover to over $ 1 billion in the eyewear, lens and laboratory business. Added to the insurance business, the Group's sales will exceed $ 4.2 billion. Of special significance for the Group in 2013 was expansion into the European market, which increased sales by 20% and made it the most dynamic market at Group level. Specifically, the European result confirms a trend that has been constant over the past three years, the outcome of important investments in brands and employees to maintain leadership in the territory.


"We increased our market share by taking a farsighted look outside the US market" – stated Claudio Gottardi, Marchon Eyewear president and CEO – "In particular, we concentrated on Europe as an outlet market and for partnerships with brands of international appeal".


The quality and style of the collections, their popularity with the trade and the public, know-how recognized by licensor companies, stable European bases, attention to markets with the highest potential for development, and the soundness of parent company VSP, are some of the factors that contributed to this success in addition to a precise strategy for managing an extensive and diversified portfolio.


"In the past 3 years we have signed six European licenses. The latest were G-STAR and Liu Jo, which chose Marchon for the launch of their first lines of eyewear" Gottardi continued. "In addition to global luxury fashion brands like Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo, Nike and Calvin Klein, we always take the opportunities offered by lifestyle brands with significant potential for development in terms of customers and geographical areas because eyewear is one of the main keys for accessing the aspirational segment".


As far as Marchon Italia is concerned, domestic leadership continues to be of fundamental importance for the Group at international level. "Even though there has been a downturn in domestic consumption, Italy plays a crucial role for Marchon by maintaining its manufacturing competitiveness at global level" - commented Giancarla Agnoli, Marchon Italia CEO. "In fact, the subsidiary in the Belluno area which is traditionally oriented toward the development and manufacture of the collections by luxury fashion houses, has expanded its range of action with innovative Made in Italy lines for Nike, Lacoste and Calvin Klein".