Maison Martin Margiela presents vision eyewear

Poids Plume is the new collection produced in collaboration with Cutler & Gross

Its name is Poids Plume and it is the first vision eyewear collection designed by Maison Martin Margiela for spring/summer 2013 in collaboration with renowned British eyewear maker Cutler & Gross.
A collection with a clean, simple style that marks a return to basic eyewear design. Stripped of unnecessary embellishments, the frame has been restored to the bare essentials.


Ultra-light metal eyewear with rims designed for prescription lenses that fit so perfectly they seem to float on the face and give the wearer a very wide field of vision. Notes of refined elegance are given by very bright silver and deeply polished gold.


For sunglasses, the new developments for the 2013 season are 'Clip' and 'Lamex'.


Clip is a play of metal combined with acetate. The metal is molded like an acetate frame to form a base for 3-D edges in acetate. Perhaps that is not a very clear explanation: what I mean is, they give the illusion of a separate construction to be inserted.


Lamex is a duel between classic and traditional conveyed by the illusion of two different shapes that are superimposed.