Luxottica presents the exhibition “Never Hide Noise - A History of Rock ’n’ Roll”

30 photographs that convey the spirit of a musical genre that made history and of the Ray-Ban brand that was always with it

"Never Hide Noise - A History of Rock 'n' Roll" is an opportunity to tell the story and convey the spirit of Ray-Ban through the legendary icons and moments of the rock 'n' roll story: divided by decades from the Sixties to the 2000s, 30 photographs by renowned international photographers tell the story of a musical genre that made history and of a brand, Ray-Ban, that has been with it since it began.


The exhibition is at La Carrozzeria (32 Via Tortona) in Milan and is open to the public May 23 through June 12, 2012 – from noon to 9pm Monday through Friday and from 10am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.
The result is an extraordinary array of significant pictures that not only symbolize an era in general terms, they are also evidence of specific moments that characterized rock.


Divided by decades, these marvelous photographs depict the icons who were the stars of those years and made them famous, unique moments in the history of rock as we know it today. Ray-Ban and rock 'n' roll always evolved in parallel.


Appearing for the first time in the mid-1930s, Ray-Ban glasses were used initially in military and civil aviation. During the Hollywood boom of the 1950s, fashion-conscious stars like Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford wore their Ray-Bans with pride.


From the 1960s, for the biggest names in music of all kinds and styles, the wide variety of Ray-Ban models were an absolutely must-have accessory. The classic rock 'n' roll photographers immortalized the greatest stars of the time wearing Ray-Bans.