Lozza announces winners of “Write on a Macho, Win a Macho”

Four "poets" with the best interpretations of the eyewear redesigned by Mika

The "Write on a Macho, Win a Macho" competition promoted by Lozza came to a successful conclusion. All Lozza Facebook fans were invited to write a line of poetry that originally and creatively interpreted the Poetry-style Macho eyewear model created by international pop star Mika. The poetry lines will personalize the inside of the temples.


The special initiative launched by Lozza on Facebook was very popular and in just three weeks generated over 36,000 new registrations on the Lozza fan page. There were thousands of visitors and 2,500 of them actively took part by putting their creativity to the test and sharing their interpretations on their social profile. The high level of engagement in the contest was demonstrated by numerous interactions and posts on the Lozza fan page.


Four entrants received the most votes for their poetic vein and they won the coveted prize: the exclusive Lozza Macho which will have their poetry lines engraved inside the temples.


-"Ora che è estate...ora che è amore. Modà"
(now that it's summer... now that it's love. Modà)


-"Il meglio di me...è tra un?asta e l?altra"
(the best of myself... is between one temple and the other)


-"Tu dici? non ho niente?...ti sembra niente il sole?"
(you say I have nothing... Do you think the sun is nothing?)


-"The sun is renewed daily...and you renew my life"


These are the lines written by the most creative Lozza fans and recall those by Mika, who was the first to take part with a creative role and three hidden phrases: "I think you're hot...if you like me back try on my glasses", "I hide my eyes from the sun...just so I can watch you better", "Don't break my're holding it in your hands".