La Matta launches its new campaign for 2013

Sensual and appealing, virtuous and amiable, motherly and loving, the La Matta woman is a Queen

A sensual figure that exudes charming appeal with her first glance. The La Matta woman is the "woman par excellence" - the Queen!


The La Matta collection typically targets women with a remarkable personality who stand out, sometimes even with excessive originality, thanks to hues, designs and details studied to underscore their intrinsic nature.


Virtuous and amiable, she turns into a light-hearted creative friend. Motherly and loving, she reveals a passionate intriguing lover.


Hence the multiple features of the Lady mirror the four Queens in the pack of cards - hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs - portraying the alternating feelings enclosed in a single, intense and exuberant personality.


Also disclosing an absolutely unpredictable dual essence, the La Matta woman may give you her heart but also "discard you" with ever consistent gestures and details, in line with her character.