L'Aquila returns to collecting used eyeglasses

The Lions Club solidarity initiative began again in September

September 1 was the start of the church initiative in support of the Lions Club's praiseworthy international benefit campaign. The used eyeglasses collected for recycling undergo maintenance and selection operations before being shipped to underprivileged people abroad. The campaign that ended last June collected hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses that have already been distributed to requesting countries.


The purpose of the humanitarian initiative is to collect the eyeglasses (prescription and sunglasses) that their owners can no longer use but are still entire and in reasonably good condition, especially with regard to the lenses. The proposal is to donate eyeglasses that no longer have any value for their owners to people who cannot afford to buy glasses, thereby offering them something that is completely free and very precious.


There are millions of people in the world who cannot afford to buy eyeglasses (neither prescription nor sunglasses) or even have their eyesight checked. The results of which can be an inability to work, gradual functional vision loss and total blindness. In many cases, these social problems can be resolved, in part at least, simply by wearing eyeglasses; even used ones can restore sight to thousands of people in need.


The collection is internationally promoted by "Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Centers". In Italy it is supported by the "Centro Italiano Lions per la Raccolta degli Occhiali Usati – ONLUS" at Chivasso (TO), which will have the task of managing the material.


The campaign contact person is Dr. Raimondo Dionisio, deacon of the diocese of San Bartolomeo di Scoppito, who acts in synergy with Lions Club L'Aquila Host.