Jude Law is ambassador for Vogue Eyewear for Men

The actor: "I love this collection. I am pleased that they asked me to be the face of the campaign"

Vogue Eyewear has launched Vogue Eyewear for Men, a new collection of vision and sun eyewear whose ambassador will be British actor and icon of style, Jude Law.
In line with the global brand profile, Jude Law represents a contemporary man who is in step with the times but does not give up his originality.


"I was pleased that they asked me to be the face of the first Vogue Eyewear for Men campaign and I accepted without hesitation" the actor said. "I love this collection."


The campaign visuals were shot end January at the Master Shipwright's House on Watergate Street, London, by famous photographer and "poet of glamour" Peter Lindbergh.
"We worked spontaneously and it was fun" Lindbergh said. "Jude and I had already met so there was no need to break the ice. He has my fullest esteem and respect; he is really very talented. The Vogue Eyewear for Men campaign has a playful mood and the result supports the product impeccably. The perfect image must be effective from the points of view of artistic expression and commercial message. I think we have hit the mark with Jude".


Jude Law had been photographed by Lindbergh in the past and he was impatient to repeat the experience: "Peter is one of the most influential and sought-after fashion photographers in the world. He is brilliantly creative and extremely professional. Working with him is always a pleasure".


Smart fashion for modern men. This is the concept at the basis of the Vogue Eyewear for Men line created for contemporary men who like classic lines and believe in simplicity, but are fully aware of and immersed in the world that surrounds them.
The collection is defined by real and universal values, without being confused by the tastes and trends of the moment, but by interpreting and adapting them to its own sensitivity. Attention to today's trends and an open and ironic attitude to the latest fashions, without ever losing sight of personal style and character.