J.F. Rey Helps Breast Cancer Fight

J.F. Rey has committed to the American Breast Cancer Foundation by creating a specifically branded frame with all proceeds being donated to the fight against the disease

On October 5 2012, during the Lipstick Lounge event leaded by the American organization Glam-A-Thon, the J.F. Rey USA team unveiled an ophthalmic frame specially produced to raise funds for medical research seeking treatment for breast cancer.


The frame, with a high-end design, was created and produced in France like the rest of this Marseille designer's collections.


The model, limited to 200 pieces, was sold by Optical Spectrum throughout the evening and 100% of the funds raised were donated to the Foundation.


"Our goal is to exceed $70,000 for the fight against breast cancer through the production of our frames," says Jean-François Rey.


Jean-François Rey is one of the most acclaimed eyewear designers in the world and his handmade products, produced in France, are made of the highest quality metals and exclusive acetates. The Breast Cancer Awareness frame is produced with the same high quality as all J.F. Rey eyewear and with the same suggested retail price of $450.


J.F. Rey Eyewear Design hopes to provide positive momentum towards research for a cure. "The idea was to hopefully get these V.I.P. attendees to open their hearts and minds and donate to this very worthy cause," said Travis Chivers, sales manager of J.F. Rey USA.



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