Italia Independent unveils unique edition for Hotel Americano

Presentation of the model resulting from the collaboration between the brand and the evocative location in New York City

Italia Independent has presented Unique Edition, the outcome of a collaboration with the Hotel Americano, the evocative location in New York City. The new model was presented at the Out of Fair Party held during Vision Expo East against the splendid backdrop of the terrace at the Hotel Americano in Manhattan and included DJ Leslie Kirchhoff with Andrea Franchini and Marco Cilia.


Among the guests were Italia Independent co-founders Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco, Alain Elkann, Cecilia Dean, Alexandre Assouline, Luca Rubinacci, Ada Kososar, Charles Berthoud, Nausheen Sha and Kristin Sollenne.


Based on 090, the brand's most iconic model, Unique Edition has a black velvet front and white temples with contrasting gray stripes. The design is Italia Independent's tribute to the Hotel's minimalist architecture and elegant interiors.