Italia Independent concept store opened last month in Sicily

The second Italian garage concept store has opened in Palermo

Italia Independent continues its store openings planned for the domestic market in Palermo. Vaunting one of the most enviable locations in Sicily's capital just a few steps away from Via della Libertà, the garage concept store in Via Enrico Parisi 14 celebrated its official opening with the presentation of its entire FW 2013/14 Collection of sunglasses, prescription frames, clothing, and accessories.


"Palermo is the second concept store opened through the partnership established in March with the Italian branch of Essilor, a French multinational leader in the optical/ophthalmic sector. We've launched an ambitious retail development project that envisions the opening of a series of new sales outlets in Italy and abroad; Palermo is yet another piece of the mosaic we hope to complete in the near future. Italia Independent will not be stopping here, however, and will continue its internationalization program with openings in new high-potential markets and the further consolidation of its role in nations where it is already present." These were the words of Italia Independent Chairman and CEO, Andrea Tessitore.


Just like the Rivoli store, the Palermo single-brand store offers customers a complete range of products together with access to the in-store ophthalmic services of the highest quality guaranteed by Essilor equipment and materials and the presence of highly-specialized personnel. All the Italia Independent single-brand stores to be opened soon will feature this double advantage: Lifestyle products and eyewear on one hand – technical assistance for the frames on the other. The objective is clearly evident, the satisfaction of consumers in search of a unique, complete supplier, capable of providing a range of products and services who meets their every need, from pre-sale consultancy to post-sale service. The Palermo store has an entire area for the display and sale of products


The spotlight is on the eyewear, and the entire range of prescription frames and sunglasses, with ample focus also on clothing, accessories, and the products expressly developed through the partnerships. A second, separate area of the store is dedicated to ophthalmic care staffed by qualified personnel for vision check-ups, the assembly of the frames, and the indispensable maintenance required to guarantee accurate servicing for the entire life of the product.


Concerning design, the single-brand store in Palermo presents the same features as the other Italia Independent stores thanks to the expertise brought by Changedesign, the multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary "factory" under the guidance of Renato Montagner assigned to express the brand's style by adapting it to ever-new architectural volumes, spaces, and dynamics.


The new store has therefore been furnished with the elements that have always distinguished Italia Independent stores: the camouflage textures, the Fiat 500 collection table and the modular metal wall facing panels on which the products are displayed.