IRSOO: new name, same acronym

A necessary step to better describe its new path to innovation and research

Alessandro Fossetti, director of the Istituto di Ottica di Vinci, has announced another important change in the organization that he has directed for almost four years: its name. Although the acronym will remain the same – IRSOO - the school will now be called Istituto di Ricerca e di Studi in Ottica e Optometria (institute of research and studies into optics and ophthalmology).


"I always believed that the term "Regional" was unsuitable for an organization like IRSOO" - Fossetti said - "which was created and for many years has been a "National" benchmark for training in optics and ophthalmology. Even less so now that the Institute has changed considerably, making innovation its guiding light, the force behind the changes, and aims at internationalization in accordance with the decisions that have been taken over the past three years have considerably changed our activities".


Innovation implemented via the new path that the director of IRSOO has followed since he took office, with important improvements in the ophthalmology training courses and, primarily, by giving ample space to experiments and research in the ophthalmic and optometry sectors. The latter have already had tangible results: experiment theses based on the research work carried out in IRSOO laboratories by students in the traditional cycle of optometric studies and those taking the optics and optometry degree course, the presentation of papers and posters at international and national conferences by teachers, newly graduated students and graduates.


"Our teachers and the best students who have graduated or are finishing our three-year course" – Fossetti stated – "have the knowledge and ability to become capable researchers; our strengths are every bit as good as those of foreign researchers, with the exception of the organizations and funds that are allocated for research. Experiments will be further increased after the completion of new rooms that will host IRSOO's new research center. In the meantime, the main project is to intensify experiments at the service of the companies in the sector".


It was for this reason that IRSOO decided to give a clear indication of the Institute's priorities for the coming years by adding them to its name.