iPhone becomes an instrument for doctors

Stanford University has patented an iPhone device for eyesight checks

The world of technology and smartphones never ceases to surprise us. Who would have believed that an iPhone could become one of the instruments used by doctors as normally as a stethoscope and so on? In fact, Stanford University has patented an ophthalmology kit for Apple devices and, unlike the thousands of dollars spent on buying "official" equipment, it only costs $90.


This new device can be used to photograph the eye so that anyone with medical training can make a diagnosis and even share examination data.


In the future, the negligible cost of the device will facilitate medical analyses by local doctors also in rural areas, where specific and expensive medical equipment is frequently unavailable.


Robert Chang, one of the developers, said he considers the new product as an Instagram for the eye.
The new medical device shines a light across the eyeball; by using a magnifying glass the camera analyzes the reflection and then takes a precise snapshot of the front and back of the eye.


We hope that the device will be widely used and contribute to improving global health, the quality of which frequently loses points.