Institutional website in Italian for Maui Jim

Simple, intuitive graphics and functional navigation

Maui Jim has announced the start of a new institutional website in Italian -


A simple and intuitive graphic interface makes the website perfectly functional with easy navigation of the distinctive features (in particular, Polarized Plus2 technology) making Maui Jim an exclusive brand.


Dynamic and completely dedicated to the Hawaiian islands where Maui Jim eyewear was created, the aim of the website is to present the company and the extraordinary variety of collections produced over the years.


Particularly original is the "See the difference" section: it shows the difference between a bright, sharp seascape as seen through Maui Jim lenses enhancing the brilliance and natural contrasts of colors, and one that is less vivid as seen through traditional lenses.


Navigation is based on the highest criteria of usability and guarantees fast and immediate location of information. With just a few clicks, users will find a list of the authorized retailers closest to the area of interest.


Deserving special mention is the dedicated Virtual Try Fit application based on the latest virtual technologies. The program uses a webcam to capture the user's face in real time. It then superimposes the selected eyewear on the face, which rotates to show how the Maui Jim eyewear looks from all angles.