Incredible photographs for Gloryfy

Wakeboard champion Bernhard Hinterberger stars in photos taken on the River Po

Multi German champion, European and world champion of cable wakeboarding, Bernhard Hinterberger, once again gave us unique and spectacular photographs. Produced in collaboration with Gloryfy – the Austrian company that makes the famous unbreakable eyewear – the photos were taken on the Po, Italy's longest river (652 km), and definitely demonstrated that wakeboarding is fun when combined with boats or water skis, but also very exciting when you are being pulled along by a lightweight "Savage" aircraft.


When interviewed about his unique experience, Bernhard Hinterberger commented: "The biggest challenge was the extreme speed at which the plane pulled me across the water. Wakeboards are meant for speeds of about 30-40 km/h, but on this occasion we never dropped below 80-100 km/h because the plane needs to go that fast to stay in the air. But a wakeboard is not built for such speeds and it began to bend − owing to the strong frictional resistance – and when you are going that fast you can't even use the edges of the board because the water is rock hard! Surfing at this incredible speed behind a lightweight "Savage" aircraft was an unforgettable experience!"