Inauguration of Adlens® Variable Power Optics Centre

The new center will handle the production of Adlens Focuss™ and global product innovation

At Oxford on November 21, Adlens® opened its new center for manufacturing Adlens Focuss™, a new product created with Variable Power Optics technology. Adlens® has developed lines of eyewear with different adjustable focus technologies and new Adlens Focuss™ will change the panorama of progressive lenses thanks to the latest technological innovations by Adlens®.


Progressive lenses now incorporate distance and reading vision in a single lens, but adapting to this can be difficult for some people. Adlens Focuss™ offers progressive lens wearers an entire field of vision by turning a small wheel inside the temple to adjust focus ranges to suit their personal prescription. Moreover, the progress Adlens® has made in current technology has improved the design of Adlens Focuss™ to make it the most fashionable model to date. Adlens Focuss™ will be available in three versions, each with a choice of six colors.


"Adlens® was set up in Oxford in 2005 and we are proud to continue to use British talent for the conception and manufacture of products like Adlens Focuss™" – commented Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and Executive Chairman of Adlens®. "As we celebrate this milestone today in a community that has deep links with our roots, the technological evolution in our eyewear will have a significant impact on the lives of progressive lens wearers throughout the world."


In addition to concentrating on the production of Adlens Focuss™, the Variable Power Optics (VPO™) Centre will provide Adlens® with a new base for the continued expansion and development of its offer. The VPO™ Centre is of fundamental importance for improving Adlens®' ability to meet requests for optical technologies that come from its partnership with optical distributors. LensCrafters, the largest distributor in the United States, will have the exclusive for selling Adlens Focuss™ throughout the first part of 2014.