Huge success for Rodenstock’s “Better Vision”

Alberto Tappainer: "a new concept, an approach to eyewear centered on the consumer"

An innovative route shared by consumers and optometrists that leads to perfect eyewear: Rodenstock's Better Vision System is not the sum of services and products but a totally new way of finding the perfect answer to the needs of wearers and eyecare professionals.


The Better Vision System begins with consumer communication on social media, continues with the See Better Centers and gradually on to the new Rodenstock Consulting and the choice of frame. Thanks also to new-generation lenses and very advanced tools (DnEye scanner and ImpressionIST3), the system guides the optician and the consumer toward the perfect eyewear composed of Rodenstock lenses and frames that are tailor-made for the 100% expression of personal vision power.


The first experiment of the Better Vision System was carried out in Italy in an informative route that was both engaging and exciting during the first Rodenstock Conference.
Over 200 Rodenstock customers divided into two separate groups watched the presentation of the Better Vision System steps with talks by Alberto Tappainer, CEO of Rodenstock Italia, Chiara Palamà, Trade Marketing Manager, Grazia Livia, Trade and New Media Manager, Mauro Nocera, Product Manager Lenses and Instruments, and Simona Fonelli, Eyewear Business Unit Manager. At the same time, a second group of optometrists took the dynamic route through new lenses and tools and the brand shops for frames by Rodenstock, Dunhill, Mercedes Benz and Porsche Design.


Subsequently, the Better Vision System was also a protagonist at MIDO 2012, where it met with the huge interest of the sector.


"It is a new concept", said Rodenstock Italia CEO Alberto Tappainer; "the first approach to eyewear that centers on the consumer and has many advantages for optometrists. In Europe, the optical stores that use this new system have increased their sales by 32%".