Hoya, the Smart System Company that’s even stronger with apps

Anna Maria Nicolini: "We are convinced that promoting technology means working for the future of optical centers while enhancing professionalism"

After two weeks of intensive training at its headquarters in Garbagnate Milanese, Hoya APPs consultants set off to conquer the market. But who are Hoya APPs consultants? They are part of a dynamic team of 11 motivated young people who will work with the Hoya sales network throughout Italy. The goal? Spread new technologies for optical center professionalism, Hoya APPs: augmented reality and portable visuReal.


Hoya Apps' consultants are enthusiastic and have a strong penchant for technology, a subject that is essential also for the growth of our sector. "Technology" is in fact synonymous with "modernity", but not only that. It is a sign of innovation and distinction that fosters new relationships with optical center customers.
Hoya is implementing an important communication plan that includes an alternative medium: the consultants will travel all over Italy in eye-catching FIAT 500s with the Hoya APPs personalization. The vehicles won't go unnoticed and passersby are sure to be fascinated and curious!


From this perspective, Hoya will enrich its website and the Hoya Italia channel on YouTube with new contents. New Media is the main player in the new Hoya season, an all-rounder that uses technology to bring maximum advantages for the day-to-day work of its partners and their relationships with consumers.
"We are convinced that promoting technology means working for the future of optical centers while enhancing professionalism", stated Hoya Italia marketing manager Anna Maria Nicolini.


Hoya's aim is to facilitate optical centers in their communication with consumers. Hoya APPs are technological tools for explaining about lenses and more effectively describing the advantages of premium lenses to get consumers more involved in the process of buying prescription lenses. Customers will feel that they are an integral part of the decision-making process and will be more satisfied with their choice. Thanks to the transparency of the information and the immediacy of the images, their expectations will be in line with the actual benefits offered by the lenses.