Here comes the Samsung smart glass

The patent covers a wearable device that allows you to answer calls, listen to music and take photos while doing sport

While celebrating the last quarter's results, Samsung is also busy filing wearable technology patents. Another record quarter for the Korean company, confirming a further leap in their global leadership in the smartphone sector.


Despite this, there are signs of slowdown caused by competition and by the saturation of the market. The total turnover is 59,080 billion won, equivalent to 40.3 billion Euro, up by 13 per cent on the same period last year.


Conspicuous growth, but nevertheless only slightly more than half that of the previous quarter. However, Samsung does not supply official data about the volume of sales in the quarter; according to the analysts it has sold between 85 and 89 million smartphones in the months in question.


Galaxy Glass. Among the products lining up on the blocks to tackle the coming market season there are also the glasses developed in the wake of the Google Glass, but this time directed at the world of sport. The patent is indeed for what is called Sport Glass, though it's not certain yet whether they'll be called that. The company has adopted the Galaxy brand for the recent smartwatch (the Gear), and so it's conceivable that the glasses too may toe a similar line in terms of name.


What we do know is that the device is a sort of head version of the Gear, with information relating to physical activity and smartphone remote control functions, hence also communication. The illustrations of the patent indicate that there are two earphones and probably a camera. Sport Glass will therefore be a product in direct competition with Google Glass, and also with Microsoft, which has recently filed plans for a similar device.