GreenVision and Carlo Conti together again

The union was consolidated at "Pesca del Cuore", (heartfelt fishing) a demonstration of attention to those in need

For the third year in succession, GreenVision is honored to be part of and enthusiastically support a praiseworthy initiative promoted by the compassion of Carlo Conti through "Pesca del Cuore": now at its fifth edition, this grand event is attended by renowned showbiz VIPs and recreational fishing champions who are united in helping less fortunate people in need.


This year, the event will be televised by RAI 1's Linea Blu program hosted by Donatella Bianchi, who will be taking part in the charity race. In addition to local TV stations, Italia Fishing TV on Sky channel 811 will also be present.
GreenVision has always been involved in numerous social initiatives and it was natural to accept Carlo Conti's invitation to again take part in "Pesca del Cuore" as a concrete demonstration of its attention to those who have more need of help.


Another project we would like call to mind is "Ridare la luce" (Restore the light), the outcome of the collaboration between AFMAL and the Italian Air Force, which contributes to a solidarity fund for people in Africa with eyesight problems.


On May 20, 2012, the Italian consortium of opticians celebrated 20 years of activity with a grand event in Rome that concluded with the blessing of the GreenVision Optical Centers by Pope Benedict XVI. On that occasion, GreenVision presented the project in support of preventing and treating pediatric retinoblastoma in collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.


This project is part of a wide-ranging partnership through which GreenVision Optical Centers are involved in supporting pediatric ophthalmology (and the Italian Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology - SIOP - in particular), by offering products and services created and designed specifically for the very young.