Google starts administrative procedure against Glass Up

A warning to the Modena company that has not changed the name of the interactive glasses it intends to launch on the market in the near future

A dispute has begun between the Modena-based startup responsible for creating Glass Up, and Google, the worldwide search engine and technology giant that is soon to launch its Google Glass.


The "Resto del Carlino" reported that Google – according to a statement by Francesco Giartosio – has begun an administrative procedure against Glass Up, the creator of interactive glasses that are now at the design stage. The issue under dispute is the name of the brand which, according to the Californian company, is too similar to the name of its own product.


As you know, Glass Up was created in 2011 on an idea by Francesco Giartosio, Gianluigi Tregnaghi and Andrea Tellarin. The device features a screen integrated in the lens, Bluetooth connection for smartphones, and it is compatible with Android and iOS for access to news, social networks, information about roads and monuments and directions from the GPS navigator.


Google has already contacted the patents office and wants the brand name to be changed, but the creators of Glass Up have refused to do so: the word "glass" cannot be substituted, Giartosio said.