Google counters iOptik with contact lenses for diabetics

A smart contact lens that measures glucose levels in diabetic people

At the moment it's only a prototype, but the fact that the company has made it public is a good sign: in a post on its official blog, Google showed the advanced (and decidedly futuristic) projects for a contact lens that can constantly check diabetics' blood sugar levels to prevent all the problems that could put their health at risk.


For those of you who don't already know it, in order to check the level of sugar in their blood people with diabetes must always carry a special device that pricks their thumb to obtain a drop of blood for test strips that are then put into another portable device for measuring glucose levels. If the results are anomalous, the diabetic must immediately consume one or more sachets of sugar to bring the levels back to normal.


Thanks to the contact lens created by Google, this measurement is carried out "naturally" by using the diabetic's tears. The integrated sensor and Wi-Fi chip allow the lens to measure sugar levels once per second; if they become critical, it sends a message to the person's smartphone so that he or she can take action.
At the moment it's only a prototype and the MountainView company is seeking partners for large scale manufacturing.


Source: iSpazio