GlassUp on the way for summer

An Italian eyewear project in Google Glass style

Google Glass will be the future, but in the meantime totally Italian GlassUp has made the first "interactive" eyewear model that will allow some information to be always in view. It works in conjunction with a smartphone and it's ready for ordering now!


GlassUp are a type of eyewear with a recognizable appearance that will let you keep an eye on a huge amount of information that is already available on your smartphone. Text messages, e-mails, Facebook postings, Twitter, Foursquare and RSS feeds can be read directly from the lenses, accessing an infinite amount of information!
The glasses are connected to our smartphone through a dedicated App (it will be released for Android and iOS) via Bluetooth.


The eyewear has been developed as a simple output peripheral because any interaction with the messages listed above cannot be performed. In other words, replying to messages will require you to access the App on the smartphone. Besides, as the company pointed out, it would have been too complicated to interact through the peripheral itself, and therefore the "old" approach was adopted.

Source: iSpazio