Glassing at Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes

Co-branding by the eyewear company and Sea Warriors, united by a shared understanding of business and innovation

Glassing, an established brand in the fashion eyewear world, continues its growth by making design and brand research its main element of distinction. The young team that works day after day on researching designs for the new collections decided to put itself to the test by creating a really unique and exclusive product that will make its debut at the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes.


It is aHqua2O, a state-of-the-art submarine designed by Navalhead and built by Sea Warriors. This latest technological invention was designed to offer lovers of the sea an elite sailing and submersion experience.
Special characteristics make it the world's first underwater glider: it has a surface speed of 14 knots, an underwater speed of 6 knots, it is 3.9m long, 2.40m wide (with wings folded) and has an electric motor. A small jewel of the sea that can be hooked up to yachts for underwater excursions, used by luxury resorts and hotels wishing to offer their guests an unparalleled experience, and for checking and inspecting the hulls of cruise ships.


Sea Warriors is a young company that applies Navalhead research into engineering and planning to design and builds nautical products for new sailing experiences.


Thanks to an exclusive co-branding agreement, in 2014 Glassing will design a special version of aHqua2O that will be made to order for its more demanding customers. The submarine combines everything that is special about Glassing: exclusive design, research into materials and lines, the feistiness and enterprise of people who want to rewrite the rules of the market.


"It Doesn't Matter What You See. But Only How You See It" began as the claim in a Glassing campaign but over time it has become the principal expression of its philosophy.
It is for this reason that when a brand decides to communicate by concepts, other market operators find it simpler not only to share them but also to make them their own. But this is only the start of a story that ties Sea Warriors to Glassing. The appointment at the Festival de la Plaisance is September 10 through 15, 2013.