Giovanni Marcolin Coffen has passed away

A successful entrepreneur, a stranger to exclusive circles, a father gratified by capable heirs, a "boss" loved by his employees

Giovanni Marcolin, who was always Nanni to his family and friends, passed away yesterday following a four-month long serious illness.


"I am aware of your deep feelings for me and that is why I will continue to be among you for as long as God permits" said Giovanni Marcolin to the six-hundred employees who gave him a standing ovation at the 2010 inauguration of the new wing at Longarone.


We would like to remember him with this sentence that sums up a story of over fifty years of toil, successes, faith and human relationships.


A piece of eyewear history is lost with him. At the start of the Seventies, he was one of the great entrepreneurs who had the intuition of transforming eyewear into an essential accessory.


He always believed in associations as a resource and support for helping firms to grow and he understood the fundamental role exhibitions play in enhancing the specific aspects of eyewear manufacture. His name will always be associated with that of Mido, the exhibition he founded back in 1983.