Geniologic targets online

Six months after its opening it's time for the first positive results for the optical cash & carry in the north of Italy

Six months have passed since the opening of Geniologic – the first large "supermarket" to specialize in optics. The outcome of the development by ophthalmic laboratory Genio Lab, its results for the first six months seem to be very promising.


In the current economic context, the innovative cash & carry formula has proved to be successful. Geniologic offers opticians the chance to look at a wide range of articles by different manufacturers in a single large display area and, above all, to buy products without the mandatory guaranteed minimums that multinationals generally insist on. Geniologic is the offspring of a desire to respond to opticians' needs with increasing consistency and rapidity and this is why it is presented as an extremely flexible interface that allows customers to buy what they want with maximum freedom of action and minimum investment.


For this reason, company Chairman Claudio Morganti stated: "At a time of general market decline the decision to open Geniologic was an absolute challenge that meant significant financial, structural and warehouse investments. We decided to take this road because our mission has always been to offer real support for opticians and their work. We are very pleased about the interest that has been shown and the excellent feedback we have already received during these six months in business".


A demonstration of the effectiveness of this new commercial concept is given by the fact that the laboratory's customers have doubled since Geniologic opened. Many opticians are drawn by the idea of being able to find all the products they need for the daily management of their in-house laboratory and/or outlet in a large optical supermarket. Numerous customers also go to Geniologic every week to look at the new proposals in real time.


But it is primarily the possibility of buying online that has been enthusiastically received - especially by opticians who are further away - with a marked increase in web orders from all over Italy. Customers can make use of the e-commerce service simply by requesting a customer code that will allow access to a dedicated site for the exclusive use of accredited customers. Here, opticians can quickly see new products and current promotions and they are always updated on Geniologic developments.


The Geniologic offer is completed with a highly efficient ophthalmic laboratory service, the jewel in the company's crown.


Open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6.30pm, Geniologic is at 24 Via del Perlar, Verona. It has large parking facilities and is easily reached because it is close to the Verona Sud exit on the highway.
The customer assistance toll free number 800 189 594 has been active for about a month. Lastly, Geniologic recently launched a Facebook page to increase direct dialog with consumers.