Galileo: new ophthalmic lenses catalog

"We have the means to take care of you": this is the impactful message in the company's new lens catalog

An overview of the various means of transport, each one with a functional and stylistic imprint, accompanied by the slogan: "We have the means ... to take care of you". This is the original message conveyed by the cover of Galileo's new ophthalmic lenses catalog distributed to stores in early March. Such means express their individual essence: long traditions, technological applications, or ease of use, efficiency at work, specific uses and infinite simplicity. The same concepts apply to the various types of lenses. Some examples: the powerful advanced technology that characterizes Formula1 cars is associated with progressive lenses, the top of their class for performance, innovation, precision and excellence. Otherwise, the simplicity and elementary minimalism of the bicycle, a simpler way of getting to a destination, is comparable with bifocal lenses. Materials, treatments and colors become the fundamental elements of equipment for super-trim in accordance with individual ambitions, whereas extras, grilles and strips are the informative details associated to the precision components that exactly identify the expected lens.


The visuals in the Galileo catalog "talk" to opticians, who are invited to make full use of the services, to get to know the most powerful engines in the Galileo stable, to take all the opportunities that will lead to the checkered flag. It also abounds in purely technical information about the lenses, and gives an overview of all Galileo's services in support of the daily activities of eye care professionals, as well as marketing and communication opportunities that will help them hit the target.


Some pages of the catalog are dedicated to end-customers, with strong support towards a motivated and knowledgeable choice of the ideal lenses, which stems from looking at the proposed benefits and price positioning.


The range of products in the catalog is enriched by important new additions in segments that are more appealing to consumers: antireflection Neva Max with high UV protection levels; the new Transitions Signature VII photochromic lenses with increased performance levels; the Easy Work range for all ages and suitable for office work and study; Ettorino, the special small diameter lens dedicated to children and adolescents; the Sport line with the German quality of associate Rupp & Hubrach and all the solutions for wraparound eyewear.


The catalog is hot off the press and is packed with new contents: a renewal that includes the logo and claim, "insieme per vocazione" (professionals together), which testifies to its increasingly strong objective of being an integral and active part of a team that puts all its means on the road to success.