Galileo is 150 years old!

An important milestone for the company that has kept pace with memorable, economic and social transformations

2014 is a special year for the Galileo brand, because it marks its 150th birthday.
An important milestone for a company that was determined to grow over the years by strengthening its role as an Italian company in its sector and territory of operation.


Over this century and a half it has traveled arm-in-arm with memorable, economic, social and profound transformations, keeping pace with determination, dynamism and professionalism. The leitmotif is its method of presentation that does not mean simply providing a product or service, but offering many products and many services at the same time to allow its commercial partners to carry out their work with confidence.


Since customer care and a typically Italian "warm" approach are elements that are part of the Galileo character it has never abandoned and has withstood the test of centuries. Its heritage of over a hundred years of tradition built on trust has maintained the spirit of putting people at the center of relationships and, at the same time, it has been enriched with ideas that are always new and have opened the doors to modern technological, innovative and organizational policies.


To highlight this important milestone, Oftalmica Galileo has created a new version of the logo which proudly highlights its illustrious age and encapsulates the concept of history, experience and values. For the whole of 2014 the new graphic symbol will be a constant presence in communications between the company and eye care professionals. For all the friends of the Galileo brand it is confirmation of an extraordinary long life that has welcomed the expressions of the time.


Salient stages:


-1864: first official news about Officina Galileo, a small laboratory manufacturing scientific instruments begun by astronomer Giovanni Battista Amici
-end of World War I: recapitalization of the company, now called Officine Galileo
-Thirties: installation of new manufacturing facility in the territory
-1937: facility at Marghera
-1949: foundation of the Galileo Group
-Sixties: with the nationalization of the electricity supply, the company merges with Montedison and IRI
-1969: incorporation of the shareholding IOR-Industrie Ottiche Riunite S.p.A. which becomes Galileo-Industrie Ottiche S.p.A.
-'80s/90s: the company undergoes a strong re-launch action with considerable resources and qualified professionals
-2000: after a period of uncertainty about the company's future development, Oftalmica Galileo Italia S.p.A. is established with manufacturing headquarters at the Settimo Milanese facility
-2008: acquisition by the Essilor International group
-2010: incorporation of Atr Mec Optical, the new Galileo joins BBGR International as its Italian subsidiary with access to a flow of high-quality, controlled and certified supplies.