From singer to designer: the debut of eyewear created by Mika for Lozza

An exclusive Special Edition that will be immediately irresistible

Successful Lozza testimonial Mika has demonstrated that he is increasingly in tune with the brand's heritage and makes his debut at Sun 2013 as the designer of a Special Edition of eyewear created in close collaboration with the De Rigo Group.


For his new job, the international pop star the whole world loves for his hits and inimitable look, began by carefully researching and selecting 'timeless' style details to use in the world of eyewear: the precious wood finishes of Riva motorboats and the soft leather seats and polished chrome of the Aston Martins of the Fifties were the main sources of inspiration for a capsule collection that is sure to be noticed.


The Lozza Special Edition designed by Mika includes three sun models where wood is the common denominator. With a front in solid zebrano wood, two of the new limited edition proposals – Cooper Chic and Macho Chic Poetry – are made entirely in Italy for real connoisseurs and lovers of unpretentious luxury.


Always fascinated by the icons of cinema – as demonstrated by his first single, Grace Kelly – Mika was inspired by some scenes from old movies and by such great actors as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, who made eyewear a seductive accessory.


Two of the three new Lozza by Mika models have an original 'poetry' concept: engraved inside the temples is a secret message to be shared only with the right person at the right moment. Considerable research also went into the packaging: the case for the new eyewear is in leather and reminiscent of the historical British Globe-Trotter cases.