From Fraunhofer the European alternative to Google glasses

Unlike those announced from Mountain View, the German company aims at less voice and movement activation and more eye-tracking

Google with its Project Glass isn't alone in its intention to revolutionize the use of mobile information and expand the frontier of "Wearable Computers". Indeed, researchers at Fraunhofer have also taken up the challenge and have come up with their own version of augmented reality eyewear.
What makes the German project different is its device control system that aims to use less voice and movement activation and more eye-tracking compared to the method revealed in the video preview released from Mountain View.


Far away from resounding announcements and in-depth articles, Fraunhofer is working with some of the biggest names in the field of augmented reality and has established partnerships to improve the systems and technologies that use eyes as navigation and device management tools.


The European alternative to Google glasses seems to consist of an AMOLED panel with integrated camera pixels that allow wearers to see the display while it tracks their eye movement.


The latest prototype, in black and white for the moment, has VGA 640 x 480 pixel resolution, with a viewing angle of 32 degrees and 1500 cd/m2 luminosity. Very probably Fraunhofer will unveil the latest developments in this project in June at SID 2012, an event that is sure to followed closely from Mountain View.