Fewer CO2 emissions for Marchon

The company presents new, foldable, eco-friendly case

The simple, efficient and innovative design of every case will limit carbon dioxide emissions from transport, production and storage operations.


"The design of our new cases will have a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions," said President and CEO Claudio Gottardi. "Marchon ships millions of pairs of vision and sun eyewear every year and we predict that the design of this new case will save a considerable amount of energy at the transport stage and thereby directly benefit the environment."


Occupying about a tenth of the volume of an average case, when closed the foldable case is refined and elegant. This functional, eco-friendly case is part of the Marchon group's program of continual commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the relevant worldwide campaigns.


Marchon envisages including the concept of this new case in its portfolio of designer articles.