Essilor revolution with Varilux S!

Innovation in the progressive lens field: elimination of compromise between wave effect and field of vision width

At the Hotel Visconti Palace in Milan today, Essilor presented the new Varilux S and confirmed its pioneering aptitude for improving vision.


"Our innovation policy, the fundamental basis of Essilor growth, drives us further and increasingly faster toward providing wearers with lenses that offer the best performance in terms of the quality of vision defect correction and comfort" stated Essilor Chairman and CEO Hubert Sagnières.


Varilux S is a unique lens for the far-sighted that simultaneously guarantees stability in motion and a wide field of vision by virtually eliminating the need for adaptation. These advantages are extremely important for far-sighted people because their everyday environment has evolved and more than ever requires excellent near vision: 72% of presbyopes use computers, 85% use e-mail and 40% read newspaper articles on their phone or tablet.


"The new Varilux S represents important technological progress that has sound market prospects and testifies to the Group's commitment to offering an increasingly higher number of people, a better vision for a better life", Sagnières continued.


With 14 patents and 3 new technologies, Varilux S is the latest Essilor innovation that combines optical science know-how with research carried out on lens wearers and with production. The company's promise is to eliminate compromise, a characteristic of all progressive lenses, between field of vision width and the swim effect.


To do this, Essilor has combined three innovative technologies in Varilux S: Nanoptix, SynchronEyes and 4D.


Nanoptix™ technology optimizes lens design by breaking it up into thousands of micro-elements during construction. The basis of each element is calculated to manage the power effect on light deviation. The result is a lens that reduces to a minimum the loss of balance that is frequently felt by progressive lens wearers.


SynchronEyes™ is the result of visual system know-how acquired by Essilor researchers. For the first time, the differences between the right and left eye have been integrated when calculating the lenses. Binocular vision is strongly influenced by retinal images on the right and left eye. The more similar they are in shape and size, the better the binocular vision. SynchronEyes™ takes these differences into consideration to create a unique lens design that respects the binocular behavior of the individual to give maximum field of vision width.


4D Technology™. Thanks to this technology, for the first time it has been possible to include the time factor in vision correction by taking the dominant eye into account. Just as we are either left or right handed, we also have a dominant eye that is the first to focus on an object. As a new parameter of personalization, the dominant eye makes it possible to maintain visual reaction time.