Essilor presents “Eyes”

The tablet for vision professionals will be available in June

Increasingly in the forefront for researching and developing innovative solutions to support the optical centers, Essilor has invested in the pioneering project of two young and talented optometrists with a passion for vision and information technology.


In June Essilor's Instruments Division will become the exclusive distributor for "EYES", a tablet for vision professionals that offers an innovative way of testing near vision levels.?"We believed in this innovative idea from the very beginning – a preview was presented at MIDO – and we were determined to support the project that was conceived by Alessandro Peraldo and Simone Santacatterina who founded the VisionApps S.r.l. startup which will follow the research and development of the software" – commented Christophe di Trapani - Instruments & EBusiness Manager Essilor Italia – "Thanks to this liaison, our partner customers can rely on a new instrument that is practical, innovative and smart; it can be updated and it is connected to the Essilor Lens Catalog and the Opsys Web portal".


"EYES" is a 10.1" tablet with an autostereoscopic screen that displays stereoscopic images without the need to wear polarized eyeglasses. The tablet features Vision App, an innovative app for multifunction vision analyses. Working in perfect synergy, the system's hardware and software guarantee considerable time saving for optometrists (one tablet for all tests), greater comfort for wearers undergoing a simplified exam, and more precise measurements thanks to the interactive procedures that recreate real situations.


Thanks to Vision App, numerous specific vision tests can be performed:?- global or local stereopsis test ?- binocular test?- balance test?- near vision acuity test in all situations ?- astigmatism test ?- Optometric Extension Program (OEP) test?- contrast sensitivity test ?- Amsler test (for screening patients who are diabetic or have age-related maculopathies) ?- MKH test (Haase sequence)


A very interesting function offered by the Vision App is the Playlist by which vision professionals can set their own vision analysis sequence:


- for all types of multifocal lenses ?- near vision additions ?- screening for children ?- preventive screening ?- test on delivery of eyeglasses


"EYES" also features a Store app where the first Vision App expansions are already available together with updates and specific new apps. The Essilor Lens Catalog and the Opsys Web portal can also be accessed directly from "EYES".