Essilor Optifog Smart Textile against fogging

An innovative, effective and simple technology with anti-fogging protection

Essilor has introduced Optifog® Smart Textile, an innovative technology enclosed in a special microfiber cloth that even more simply and practically activates the anti-fogging properties of lenses with the Optifog® UV and Optifog Sun® UV treatments.


Used together, Optifog® antireflection and the new Optifog® Smart Textile cloth are unparalleled technological allies against fogging. The result? Sharp, clear vision every day, in any situation.


Optifog® Smart Textile is an innovative microfiber cloth that feels dry but contains special molecules thatactivate the anti-fogging properties of Oftifog lenses. When it touches the lenses, it prevents water from condensing in micro drops: thanks to the 'cloth-molecule-lens' interaction, the water is spread evenly over the entire surface of the lens to become invisible and free vision from fogging.


Optifog® Smart Textile is practical because it substitutes the current microfiber cloth for daily lens care (so you need only one cloth).


In all countries, irrespective of their climate, fogging is one of the most common complaints among eyeglass wearers. It is inevitable when temperatures change suddenly from cold to hot and the humidity in the air condenses into small drops that prevent vision.