Despres holds winning hand at Dakar 2012

The champion's companion in fortune: Klonyx MX goggles by Rudy Project

Cyril Despres had a hands-down win at the Dakar 2012, his fourth personal success in the legendary desert rally held every year between Peru, Argentina and Chile in South America.


With a total time of 43 hours 28'11" and an advantage of 53'20" over the runner up, the French driver proved to be unbeatable given his previous wins in 2005, 2007 and 2010. After crossing the finishing line, he said: «Winning was simply fantastic because, without a shadow of a doubt, it was the toughest Dakar I've ever taken part in».


In addition to the great champion another winner of the 34th edition of this fascinating race was Rudy Project, which supplied the French driver with its special Klonyx MX goggles. Optimum performance, but also high levels of comfort, in goggles that are indispensable for coping with the light in any weather conditions, the blinding desert sun especially, and also guarantee perfect fit under a helmet.


«I have always paid a lot of attention to details» Despres stated when talking about the race during which he always wore Klonyx MX to ensure total protection for his eyes, but also maximum peripheral visibility and sharp vision in all contexts, thanks to the interchangeable lens system. In addition, the handy "tear-off" system always gives clear vision, which meant that Despres did not have to clean his goggles repeatedly and was able to concentrate more on the competition.