Daniele Bennati joins rh+ Olympo Triple FIT team

The Tuscan member of Team Tinkoff-Saxo joins Alberto Contador

Daniele Bennati, 33, leader of Team Tinkoff-Saxo, is racing in the Tour de Suisse stage of the World Tour. At the start in Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, he was already wearing innovative glasses: Olympo Triple Fit by rh+, a model that opens new roads in the area of wraparound corrective lenses. This is a further step ahead by the company that is testing on its athletes a new vision/sun program developed by Allison. It will allow all cycling enthusiasts, including those who need high diopters, to wear high performance wraparound glasses with base 7 lenses without compromising on comfort and performance.
"At last, I was able to race with Olympo Triple Fit glasses" – commented Bennati – "because with these superlight corrective lenses I can take advantage of the technical pluses, especially the tilting nosepiece that considerably increases the flow of air to the eyes and forehead for great comfort".


The advantages guaranteed by the innovative Olympo Triple Fit can be summed up as follows:


-more lens aeration during maximum exertion and perspiration, thanks to the tilting nosepiece;
-the anti-fog effect is always ensured, even in the rain;
-water poured over the head does not reach the lens;
-the length-adjustable temples ensure a perfect fit for everyone, even under a helmet


Until the start of the Tour de Suisse on Saturday, June 14, corrective lenses were attached to wraparound glasses (essential for anyone involved in speed disciplines) by means of a clip-on applied to the frame or by applying small lenses to the goggles; this considerably affected the field of vision and often altered vision quality. Thanks to the wraparound corrective lens designed in collaboration with Allison, rh+ has provided Daniele Bennati with Olympo Triple Fit, a model with a much wider field of vision than in the past and considerable advantages for the wearer.


The cyclist from Tuscany has been a professional since 2002 and with the Alberto Contador's team since 2013. Junior champion of Italy for three times, as a professional he was successful in 8 countries in addition to Italy: Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Oman. He is one of the few active athletes to have been successful in the three Grand Tours: Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta. In 2007 he raced in the Tour-Vuelta and also in the Giro-Vuelta in 2008.


In 2007, Daniele Bennati was successful in two stages of the Tour de France: 17th stage arriving at Castelsarrasin, and 20th on the Champs-Elysées, Paris, the final, renowned stage of the Grande Boucle. In 2007 he also won the last stage of the Vuelta in Madrid. Among the professionals, he had over 50 wins (a figure reached at Valladolid during the Vuelta in 2012). His truly honorable rankings include: 2nd at the Paris-Tours, 3rd at the Gand-Wevelgem and 4th at the Milan-Sanremo.


He wore the blue jersey for Italy's national team at the World Tour in Madrid and also won points classifications at the Giro and Vuelta, among others. The sprinter from Arezzo is also a follower of Padre Pio and contributes to the "Eyes of Hope" association founded to help needy children in Africa by motorcyclist Fabrizio Meoni, who died at the Dakar in 2005.