D.A.I Optical presents FunFashion

New mirroring patterns on antistatic and oil-repellent surfaces

FunFashion is the new total creative mirroring by D.A.I. Optical™: patterns are designed on the mirrored lens with antistatic and oil repellent treatment. It's the must-have of the summer! The best way to put across your personality and be noticed is to choose the Silver or Bronze mirroring color and one of the four motifs proposed.


The motifs available are: heart, star, crash (broken glass) and luck (flower).?FunFashion mirroring can be applied to any mass produced (including lenses with 1.5 and 1.6 indexes that are already colored and in stock) and custom lenses. Also in stock are base 6 and 8 filters with FunFashion mirroring. The technological innovation by the R&D Center at D.A.I. Optical Industries means that classical colors can be customized with this revolutionary mirroring treatment that gives the eyewear a strong identity with total personalization based on the wearer's personality.


For D.A.I. Optical™, being up-to-date with the latest fashion trends means investing in know-how and human resources so that all ametropic patients can use colors and treatments with an original and modern touch.


In addition to the original FunFashion mirroring also available is the regular FASHION mirroring that has been a feature of the last two summer seasons: SILVER, SILVER FASHION, STRONG SILVER, GOLD, GOLD-RED, BLU NIGHT, GREEN, PURPLE, BRONZE are certain to add value to your prestigious lenses and will make them unique and incomparable.