D.A.I. Optical on Mediaset and TG Norba 24 networks

The company renews its commitment to communication

A few months have passed since the launch of the first 3D TV campaign in Italy and for 2012 D.A.I. Optical Industries is renewing its commitment to communication. The 2011 campaign for progressive lenses appeared on TV (for the third year in succession), the web and social networks and ensured high product visibility and greater brand awareness for D.A.I. Optical Industries.


For the fourth year in succession and therefore for the whole of 2012, D.A.I. Optical Industries has planned a 360-degree action that will include all media: print, multimedia and TV.
The 2012 budget has been doubled, but the real change is the multimedia project that in addition to TV advertising also involves applications for tablets and cell phones, new interfaces with innovative services on Facebook and Twitter, and much more that will surprise opticians and end-consumers alike.
D.A.I. Optical Industries is proud to present its new spot for Daitach Plus progressive lenses that will appear on several media platforms such as "TG5 Prima Pagina" on the Canale 5 channel, with a confirmed 7 million viewers a day (data recorded by D.A.I. Optical in 2011), during the highly popular afternoon program "Uomini e Donne" and the evergreen "The Simpsons" on Italia1. The digital spot will appear on TG Norba 24, Sky's Canale 510 and all DTTs in connected regions.


The TV campaign will run for a total of 21 weeks from March 5. The number of contacts during the first weeks is impressive: 92,420,000! The TV spot appearing simultaneously on other communication channels, such as the portal and social networks, will create a widespread information system targeting all age groups and all types of people. The website had over 4300 hits and the ads were seen about 5 million times. Success also for Facebook and Twitter with almost 18 million viewings and about 4500 Dai Optical fans.


An ever-increasing number of people will recognize the D.A.I. Optical Industries brand at their optician's and for our customers it will be easier to promote Italian-made highly technological progressive lenses.
Thirty years of experience and the technological innovation contributed by D.A.I. Optical's Research, Development and Innovation Center (C.R.S.I.) ,such as the development of progressive lenses that include Daitach Plus and new antiglare treatments, have guaranteed a 30% increase in the production of progressive lenses compared to 2010. Daitach Plus adapts perfectly to all wearers because it takes into consideration an infinite number of variables such as facial features, the frame selected and its professional use by the wearer.