Cyril Despres and Rudy Project win Dakar 2013

In eight years, 5-time winner of the world's most famous rally

Once again, Rudy Project was the unquestionable star of the Dakar, the world's most famous rally: Cyril Despres, the already four-time winning motorcyclist and Rudy Project's testimonial, has won the race for the fifth time in eight years.


Despres' technical choice went to Rudy Project goggles Klonyx Mx™ Red fluo, which perform extraordinarily well in extreme environments and conditions because of their innovative technical characteristics. First and foremost, the interchangeable lenses, which guarantee perfect vision in all light conditions: transparent lens, perfect when it is raining or in poor light, Kayvon Red™, increasing surface contrasts when the sky is overcast, and Yellow lens, perfect in fog. The goggles are also fitted with a handy Tear-off System which allows dirty lenses to be removed very quickly during the most challenging moments of the race or in difficult conditions.


Klonyx Mx™ also ensures exceptional peripheral vision because of the wide wraparound lens that protects the eyes from dust, wind and rain.
The goggles are fitted with front air vents to optimize ventilation, a very comfortable multilayer structure of breathable foam, and a soft rubber Nose Protector for protection from sun and cold.


Klonyx Mx™ can also feature optical inserts to correct vision defects.
The next stage of the Dakar, tomorrow, January 9, covers 275km from Arequipa to Arica, on a very tough route that will lead the competitors to Chile. A new and important challenge for Cyril Despres and Rudy Project.