Contact lenses that make you rest easy at night

New Air Optix Night & day Aqua for those who tend to wear them beyond the recommended limit

For contact lens wearers who lead frantic lives, are constantly on the move and change habits frequently and suddenly, the failure to stick to the recommended rules may put the health of their eyesight at risk. Indeed, more and more people are leading fast-paced lives, working on their PC all day long, spending all day away from home until late and hence having to wear their lenses for many hours in a row.


To reduce the risks of such a habit, Alcon - CIBA VISION has launched new monthly contact lenses on to the market: Air Optix Night & Day Aqua, an improved product compared to the previous Air Optix Night & Day versions, since their comfort has now been enhanced and is thus more in line with the everyday life requirements of today's wearers.


Made of silicone hydrogel, the new Air Optix Night & day Aqua have been approved for daily and extended use for up to 30 consecutive nights, thus making them suited to all wearers who lead busy lives or are simply forgetful or too tired and tend to wear their lenses for longer than the recommended period.


This type of lens presents two significant benefits:


-the AQUA moistening agent that attaches itself to the lens surface, creating a silky layer that enables the eyelid to slide over the lens providing excellent comfort when inserting the contact lens;


-the handling tint which makes it easier to insert and handle the lens.


These important features are combined with the TriComfort Technology, which is also present in the other lenses of the AIR OPTIX® family, and provide a high oxygen permeability, a low rate of dehydration and high resistance to lipid-based deposits throughout the entire period of use. A major factor that enables to have clean lenses for a long time, for a healthy and comfortable use!


The key features of the new Air Optix Night & day Aqua:



-High oxygen permeability for eyes that live life to the full


-High comfort upon insertion thanks to the AQUA wetting agent


-Resistance to deposits thanks to the permanent plasma treatment of the surface


-Handling tint for easy handling and insertion