Collaboration between Italia Independent and 1Caffè Onlus

In July, for every purchase made on the Turin-based company's website one euro will be donated to the non-profit organization founded by Luca Argentero

The collaboration between Italia Independent and 1 Caffè, the NPO founded in 2011 by Luca Argentero and a group of friends and volunteers with the aim of supporting small non-profit associations ( was unveiled a few days ago.
1 Caffè Onlus identifies a small non-profit association on a daily basis for interested people to donate one euro to, which is the equivalent of the price of a coffee.


These are generally small associations that do not have the means to make their own voice heard and are in need of support to fight their daily battles, however big or small. They are unsung heroes who carry out good deeds, day after day. The "coffee whip-round" only lasts one day, in order to give several projects the opportunity to be promoted throughout the year. Those who are interested in following one or more projects directly can refer to the website, which details all the contacts of the supported organizations.


"We have always been firmly convinced – says Luca Argentero - that the value of a project lies in the strength of the idea behind it and the collaboration with Italia Independent and Lapo's commitment towards our NPO are evidence of this. We are two young, enthusiastic teams who share some important values, solidarity being one of them".


"Treating someone to a coffee is a simple and natural gesture that we do every day. It makes me happy to think that "my coffee" can help make a difference for someone else. On the contrary, it makes me sad to see that there are so many socially committed people who do not have the visibility they deserve. My wish is that the project with Luca and his NPO could set a good example for others." said Lapo Elkann, founder of Italia Independent.


Two initiatives have been launched within the scope of the operation. The first one provides that, during the month of July, for each purchase made on its e-commerce platform, I-I will donate the amount corresponding to the value of one coffee, i.e. one euro, in favor of the NPO.


The second initiative saw the birth of a limited edition eyewear model, with the aim of celebrating the collaboration. The "Unique Edition for 1 Caffè", created on the basis of the most representative model for Italia Independent, namely the 090, stands out for the treatment of its I-Touch surface, an intense blue color and contrasting mirror lenses. Inside the temples, on one hand is the 1 Caffè Onlus logo, accompanied by a reproduction of Luca Argentero's signature; on the other, the Italia Independent logo, followed by Lapo Elkann's signature.


It will be possible to purchase the glasses (only 50 pieces were made) during the event that will be held today at Turin's Italia Independent store, in Via Lagrange 31, or online, on the website
The proceeds will be donated entirely to 1 Caffè Onlus.