Close up on Rodenstock’s “Better Vision System”

Dedicated to sector professionals, the video conveys a new approach to eyewear and places the consumer at the center of attention

Dedicated to professionals in the optical world, the video describes the exclusive characteristics of Rodenstock's Better Vision System, the most recent information tool that Rodenstock has created to study the meaning and scope of an innovative route that brings the consumer and the optometrist together to create the perfect eyewear.


"It is a new concept", Alberto Tappainer, CEO of Rodenstock Italia, said about the Better Vision System; "an approach to eyewear that for the first time places the consumer in the center and has many advantages for the optometrist. In Europe, the opticians' stores that have adopted our system have had significant increases in sales".


The Rodenstock Better Vision System is a revolutionary approach to the complete vision system: a totally new way of finding the perfect answer to the needs of eyeglass wearers and eye-care professionals. The Rodenstock Better Vision System is a route that starts with consumer communication, social media and See Better Centers, continues to the new Rodenstock Consulting and choosing the frame and, thanks to new-generation lenses and very advanced tools, leads the optician together with the consumer to the delivery of the perfect eyewear: customized Rodenstock lenses and frames that allow customers to express 100% of their vision potential.