Clic, the eyewear with a magnetic clasp

Magnetic front clasp glasses that can be worn round the neck

The three versions of Clic: Goggles, Readers, BluBlockerThe Clic idea came into being in 1996 at the hands of Ron Lando, now Ceo of California-based Clic Products SA. One of the many Nasa-reserved projects, it is linked to the creation of glasses with a magnetic front clasp with a 'rigid flexible' band that allows astronauts to keep the glasses round their neck when they're not in use.

The patent, today owned by Clic Products SA (which in the United States has sold around 4 million pairs since June 2002), is an interesting innovation in the optics field. These glasses combine technology with extremely functional design for all 'Sport, Sun and Look' segments.

Clics come in three versions:
- Goggles, for sports activities, in particular skiing and motorcycling, with a wide variety of colors for the frames and lenses;
- Readers, with frames, in twelve different colors;
- BluBlocker, sunglasses with lenses in different colors and also polarized.