Cate Blanchett is new ambassador for Silhouette

The new icon of the campaign will not be the multi-award-winning star, but a woman whose style is timeless, sophisticated and yet simple

Since 2013, Silhouette's international strategy has been to choose people who not only contribute to reinforcing the excellence of its products but also, and primarily, consistently represent the value at the basis of the company's philosophy: lightness understood as an ability to express oneself, one's identity, without taking the road of stereotyped identification.


With this in view, the new ambassador for Silhouette's core value is Cate Blanchett - not the multi-award-winning star, but a woman whose style is as timeless, sophisticated and yet is simple. This is confirmed in the photos for the campaign UN'ICONA per UN'ICONA (AN ICON for AN ICON), that were again taken by living legend Peter Lindbergh. They portray Cate in her everyday life, images that do not presume to immortalize her in affected poses but, as the photographer himself said: "they emphasize the real personality, the woman who is able to be natural at all times".


This timelessness that Cate and Silhouette eyewear share led to the binomial: in both cases, the essence is not appearance, but the ability to talk about oneself openly. In her private and public lives she possesses the same naturalness as rimless Titan Minimal Art, which allows everyone to talk about themselves, their story, their style and uniqueness.


This is why someone like Cate Blanchett wears Silhouette eyewear; elegant but also functional, it is a model she describes as "simple and pure in its incomparable design". It's incomparable because it was designed for her and for the 9 million other people who have chosen the personalized lightness of Titan Minimal Art - the simple ability to see without limits.


"The choice of the new international ambassador for Silhouette was almost predictable", commented Arnold Schmiedt, joint owner and President of the Austrian company. "Not because it is banal, but because when we closed our eyes and thought about the epitome of lightness, we could only imagine Cate Blanchett as the embodiment of our values". Her sensuality speaks of Silhouette; authentic and natural, ethereal and mysterious, just like her personality, that expresses contemporary sweetness and authority.

Since the "Un'icona per un'icona" campaign is consistent with the company's value, the Italian market has enthusiastically and actively supported the international communication. "It could not have been otherwise" – explained Michele Villotti, Managing Director of Silhouette Italia - "the strategy we have adopted in our country aims at promoting interesting and valuable stories. The people we call ambassadors are those who tell us about themselves, whose stories are credible because they don't presume to symbolize something; through them we are encouraged simply to do better, to commit to taking the roads that allow us to express our identity. Because of her fame, Cate may seem to be a deviation from the road we have taken so far in Italy, but our message must be perceived globally and therefore we had to work on the advantage of visibility. What convinced us to choose her was her story, the credibility of a woman in the role of ambassador for lightness, a woman who is an actress and a director thanks to her undeniable talent, a mother who, like many other women, knows the joy and day-to-day problems that this role brings. A woman who takes a decisive and determined stance in campaigns on environmental issues, where she is always on the front line.
That is what made Cate Blanchett the perfect person to convey our project at international level; her interesting biography makes her the natural ambassador for genuine lightness."

Although the international campaign featuring the elegance of Cate Blanchett has started, in Italy the search continues for lightness ambassadors. In September the initiative 'Prova e racconta la tua visione della leggerezza'(Try to convey your vision of lightness) began at the opticians' stores taking part. The stars will be people who are obviously genuine because of the extraordinariness of their stories. They can talk about their own experiences of lightness, become the ambassador for a value and have the chance to win an exclusive consultation on style at the Academia BSI di Diego Dalla Palma or one of 40 pairs of Silhouette Titan Minimal Art – The Icon sunglasses up for grabs: an opportunity to experience the everyday lightness that distinguishes these rimless glasses from Austria. The opticians taking part have already decorated their store windows with evocative photos of Cate Blanchett and they are ready to welcome anyone who wants to enter the world of Silhouette lightness.