Carrera sunglasses: now even more "After all, no regrets"

New campaign images for an even clearer picture of the brand's style

Carrera is revising the images in its communications campaign directed at young people who love good clean fun.

Devised and created by the D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO advertising agency, the campaign is keeping its to-the-point headline, "After all, no regrets," applying it to new fun and exciting situations, where Carrera sunglasses play the undisputed leading role.


The new images are inspired from what's happening on the web, blogs and social networks and are photographic representations of the wish list of Carrera's online generation, a new list of must-dos for a life with no regrets.


Young people in the "Carrera generation" know that there are no dreams that can't be fulfilled, just dreams that haven't been fulfilled yet. They are self-assured lovers of life, who, rather than conforming to the masses, make a stand and dictate trends without following them.


Anything is bearable apart from the weight of things not done, words unsaid and love undeclared. That's why the Carrera generation will always be able to say: "After all, no regrets."


The worldwide press campaign to be launched in March covers newspapers, magazines and the web, where it will spread easily and naturally across the social media platforms, a targeted banner campaign, search engines and the corporate website
In addition to the press campaign, Carrera's "After all, no regrets" mood will be released on video where the Carrera generation will be speaking for the first time. Young people will talk about their "no regrets" lives, where every moment and opportunity of every day has to be grabbed for a life with no regrets.