Cal Crutchlow with Rudy Project on second step of the podium at Le Mans

Excellent performance by the racer and his Spinhawks in the third stage of the MotoGP

A truly superlative performance gained Cal Crutchlow second place in the world MotoGP at Le Mans. The competition was characterized by really bad weather and took place the day after the accident during Q1, when the British racer received a small fracture to the top of his shin.


Despite obvious physical problems, Cal confirmed his total determination to overcome pain and his rivals. Such determination enabled him to be on a really prestigious podium and the perfect ambassador of the Rudy Project claim, "the art of winning".


It is an attitude that prevails in all aspects of Cal Crutchlow's life, even off the racetrack. This is demonstrated by his choice of Spinhawk by Rudy Project, a unique model with the Tech3 team colors, a lifestyle model with exceptional technical characteristics that give the wearer an attractive and "Technically Cool" appeal. A concentrate of technology expressed in Multilaser mirrored green lenses developed on the basis of a special process that applies extremely fine "mirroring" treatments to the surface of the lens that reduce eyesight stress, give total UV protection and guarantee stylistic excellence.